MKu3a – Our Committee and Team Members

The Committee of MKu3a is elected by members and is responsible for managing the MKu3a Charitable Trust on behalf of members. All Committee Members are volunteers.

For the Year to March 2022, our Committee is now:

Chair Lesley Sparks e-mail:
Vice Chair Lynne Button, e-mail:
Current Groups Facilitator - Chris Costello, email
Secretary - Fred Bass, email:
Treasurer – Diana Sears, e-mail:
Membership - Yvonne Ashmore, email:
Communications - Simon Wong, email:
Trustee Susan Guiver, email:

Team Members (not Trustees, but very much a part of the Team)

Sue Giordano Finance
Dave Barratt Webmaster 
Len Barrows Assistant Webmaster
Janet Thompson Group Finance
Eve Tigano
Newsletter Editor
Peter Martin
Website Support
Frank Parisi
Special Projects
Brian Baldwin
Thames Valley Network