Milton Keynes u3a

"From retired to inspired"

Welcome to Milton Keynes u3a, a friendly association offering a range of interest groups for those who are no longer in full time employment and have time to spare to explore new interests. To become a member you do not need to be retired. You can view the groups we currently offer by opening the Interest Group area of our website. If you decide to join us, please look at the Join area where all the information for this can be found.

Some information about the u3a movement.

The UK u3a movement was founded in 1982 and now has over 100 individual u3as with a total membership of over 450,000.

All u3as are registered charities and autonomous but are members of the Third Age Trust, which is our national support and advisory body. To find out more about the Trust, click here.

All u3as are run on a voluntary basis by our members for the benefit of our members. We share our skills and abilities with others, whatever they may be, to follow our motto of Learn-Live-Laugh.

Enthusiasm is all you need to join us. We offer no qualifications and our aim is finding enjoyment by participating in whichever groups you choose to attend.

To view the u3a National Vision and Mission Statement, please click here.
To view the Principles of the u3a movement, please click here.