Interest Groups at MKU3A
Some groups become over-subscribed. When that happens, we see if there is sufficient interest to start another group with a similar topic. Please contact the Group Leader before visiting a group to be sure there is a vacancy. Members who have been unable to join groups of their choice are encouraged to contact Shirley Dewar, the Groups Coordinator, to join a waiting list for future vacancies.

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CodeGroup NameWeek In MonthDayTime
1Afternoon AmblersThirdWednesdayPM
44Ageing HippiesFourthTuesdayAM
904Android Tablet WorkshopWhen RequiredThursdayAM
88Art AppreciationSecondTuesdayPM
97Art Appreciation 2FourthThursdayPM
109Book Group - Murder, Mystery and MayhemFourthTuesdayAM
95Book Group 2FirstTuesdayPM
7Bowls Short MatWeeklyTuesdayPM
11Bridge Beginner and IntermediateWeeklyThursdayPM
94Bridge BoostSecond + FourthTuesdayAM
10Bridge Intermediate 1WeeklyFridayPM
13Bridge Intermediate 4WeeklyTuesdayPM
9Bridge Pairs IntermediateWeeklyFridayPM
85Bridge RubberWeeklyMondayPM
108Clarinet PlayersFourthFridayPM
64Climate ChangeSecondThursdayAM
22Computer GroupSecond + FourthThursdayAM
903Coping with stress in your changing worldWhen RequiredSaturdayAM
23Counted Cross Stitch 1ThirdTuesdayPM
24Counted Cross Stitch 2FourthTuesdayPM
25Countryside RamblersEvery OtherThursdayAM
111Cribbage WeeklyMondayAM
26Current AffairsEvery OtherMondayAM
27Current Affairs DiscussionFourthFridayAM
6Cycling – Free WheelersWeeklyTuesdayAM
17Cymraeg – WelshThirdFridayAM
105Desert Island Discs - ArchiveFourthThursdayAM
42Economics – an IntroductionFirstTuesdayPM
31English Country DancingWeeklyMondayAM
106Exploring World FaithsFirstWednesdayPM
112Face Gym Every OtherWednesdayPM
32Family History 1FirstTuesdayAM
93Family History 2ThirdWednesdayPM
4Family History 3FirstThursdayAM
41Family History 4SecondThursdayAM
122Family History 5ThirdTuesdayPM
82Folk Dance ClubSecond + FourthWednesdayPM
124Food for Thought!ThirdWednesdayAM
90FriendshipFirst + ThirdFridayPM
36Garden & Environment 2SecondWednesdayPM
35Gardening 1FourthTuesdayAM
37Gardening 3SecondWednesdayAM
121Get on and SewWeeklyFridayPM
905Holidays and Short BreaksSelected Annual TripsN/AAM
902iPad Short CourseWhen RequiredTuesdayAM
902iPad Short Course 2When RequiredTuesdayAM
902iPad Short Course 3When RequiredN/AAM
902iPad Short Course 4When RequiredN/AAM
96iPad User GroupSecondMondayPM
104iPad User Group 2FirstFridayAM
110iPad User Group 3FirstMondayAM
 iPad User Group 4When RequiredN/AAM
69Italian - IntermediateSecond + FourthTuesdayAM
99Italian for dilettantiWeeklyMondayAM
80Italian ImproversEvery OtherTuesdayAM
46Keep FitWeeklyFridayAM
123Keep-fit - Community FitnessWeeklyFridayAM
114Knitting GroupSecond + FourthMondayPM
28Line DancingWeeklyTuesdayPM
49Line Dancing ImproversWeeklyThursdayAM
83Local and Social HistoryFortnightlyMondayAM
51Mah-JongFirst + ThirdTuesdayAM
3Maths for FunFirst + ThirdThursdayPM
52Music AppreciationSecond + FourthThursdayAM
53Musicians - The PlaypalsWeeklyTuesdayAM
30Needlework and QuiltingWeeklyFridayPM
54Painters ProgressWeeklyFridayPM
55Painting for PleasureEvery OtherTuesdayPM
56Patchwork and QuiltingSecond + FourthMondayAM
43Philosophy is PhunFirstWednesdayAM
12Photography AdvancedSecond + FourthTuesdayAM
34Photography for FunThirdThursdayPM
86Photography from Beginning to EndFirstThursdayPM
45Pilates 2WeeklyWednesdayPM
116Pilates 3 WeeklyWednesdayAM
58Play ReadingSecondWednesdayAM
16Play Reading 2FirstWednesdayAM
61Rambling (Wednesday Walks)WeeklyWednesdayAM
62Reading for PleasureThirdThursdayAM
100Redway WalkersWeeklyTuesdayAM
117Relaxation and WellbeingThirdFridayPM
103Sequence Dancing - Monday GroupWeeklyMondayPM
67Sequence Dancing - Thursday GroupWeeklyThursdayPM
72Spanish (Improvers)WeeklyWednesdayAM
68Spanish (Intermediate)Second + FourthMondayPM
71Sunday Lunch 1SecondSundayPM
14Sunday Lunch 2FirstSundayPM
73Tai ChiWeeklyFridayAM
76Third Age PlayersWeeklyTuesdayAM
77Transport TopicsFourthWednesdayPM
118Ukulele GroupEvery OtherMondayPM
120Volunteers - Meetings/One off HelpWhen RequiredN/APM
107Watercolour WorkshopEvery OtherTuesdayPM
78Wine AppreciationSecondWednesdayPM
38Written WordSecondThursdayPM
18Yoga for LifeWeeklyTuesdayAM